smoking, hot.

I have three tins of smoked oysters in my refrigerator. 1) Why? 2) What do I do with them? Other than make that cream-cheese + smoked oyster spread thing.

UPDATE: Looks like scrambled eggs and/or bacon are the normal companions for these things...maybe we'll try a little experiment if I'm up late tonight. I can really only see eating this between the hours of midnight and noon.


Fortification for the evening's recording session consisted of bibimbap leftovers plus tofu, bacon, sichuan peppercorn, and chili oil (above). Quick, and so tasty that even the futuristic robot lobsters couldn't keep their mittens off of it (above, bottom left, approaching fast). Is "futuristic robot lobsters" somehow redundant? The pork is nothing to be worried about, I've got it under control, really.


FURTHER UPDATE: 1:48am. 1 egg, 1 small drained but unrinsed tin of smoked oysters combined in skillet. 1 tsp Tabasco, 5 grinds of black pepper, 1 scallion green chopped and scattered on top. Really great, a new find.

AND: Tried it with tofu this morning, almost as good. I mean, as much as tofu ever comes close to being as good as an egg.



frenchletters said...

I love smoked oysters. I am SO trying that egg thing.


markemorse said...

I think I might love smoked smoked oysters. I can't believe I've been letting them sit in my fridge for months now, untouched. I may even have to try that smoked oyster and cream cheese dip recipe that's all over the Googles.

markemorse said...

That would be just once-smoked oysters, rather than the twice-smoked oysters alluded to above. Why in hell would Blogger not allow you to edit your own comments?