I'm surprised that no one noticed a disturbance in The Force just now. It is gorgeously sunny at the moment, and I just had a big disturbing-looking bowl of braised cabbage. These two are not made for each other.

If it helps at all, I ate the cabbage cold, because I'm like that with leftovers: I just don't like warming things up, they're almost never as good as they were the first time (unless it's soup or stew or chili).

Plus this is Molly Stevens' Ass-Kickin' Braised Cabbage. Well, she calls it something like that, Sassiest Cabbage in Town, Can-Do Cabbage, My Cabbage is Better Than Your Cabbage...it is great, regardless. And? That's right, we get a gold star or two on our USDA Daily Vegetable Chart.

Oh yeh: here's the recipe. Make it! I'll be making it again this week, with some kind of protein filling that inviting vacancy atop the pile of aggressively overachieving cabbage. Assuming the sun goes away for awhile.



“ . . . the golden time I look for!”
—3 Henry VI, III.ii.127

When the sun went away for a while,
nobody noticed it was gone.
We’re all used to living on light
that’s eight minutes old.
Minute number nine, now . . .
We noticed number nine.


-Terrill Shepard Soules


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