Brrr! The weather here has been frigid and beautiful, reminding me of an ex-girlfriend or two...hahahahahahahaha! Oh I'm just kidding. Definitely kidding.

Well, it has been nut-shatteringly cold outside and the skies have been brilliantly clear, I'm not kidding about that. It's enough to make a man nearly optimistic, I'd say. That, and the fact that this man in particular has been sleeping like a baby in a cave for the last 5 nights. It seems as though I've hit upon a successful sleep aid cocktail: 0.5 Unisom and 2 valerian/melatonin/magnesium capsules. Taken at 11pm, I have been sleeping reliably until 7am, assuming there are no feline crisis moments during the night.

The calico bitchlets are both on a diet at the moment, but I fear that our apartment may be too small for food rationing strategies; there's rebellion in the air, or underfoot...it's here somewhere. They've become extremely concerned about when the food is coming: loitering near the eating area, breaking into an occasional scuffle when the 7 pellets of chow clank into their bowls, etc. It's not easy being a parent.


Ya, ya, ya. Unfairly, I can eat whatever and whenever I want, being top of the food chain and all. This week, because of the arctic temps and other indeterminate factors, I will concentrate on Mexican food. Two targets from Zarela Martinez's Food and Life of Oaxaca: Molito de Garbanzo (toasted chickpea soup), and Che Guiña (masa-thickened beef soup with chiles).

Pictured above: huevos rancheros kind of, eggs with a simple guajillo sauce, leftover thyme mushrooms, sheep's cheese, and scallions.


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