so it's k + d + me (+ mt).

That's a Rickie Lee Jones reference, out of respect for what she once was. No, she's not dead, but I just heard some of her newest CD. I'm not going to say anything else about it other than that it reminds me of when I put the coffee filter in the machine wrong and the resulting brew is basically coffee-scented water that not only suddenly believes in Jesus, but starts writing lyrics about Him. Weak shit (I sure hope she's not using Google Alerts like some people, or she's gonna be pissed!!!).


Presenting Real Dutch Cooking with Klary Koopmans. Featuring: Pretty Bad Photography with Yours Truly.

Smoked Eel Rolls (someone snagged one before I could take a photo, actually I think it might have been me). Shrimp Cocktail with Whiskey Sauce and Endive (above). Beef Stew with Cloves and Gingerbread. Brussel Sprout + Potato Mash with Bacon. Carrots with Mustard and Tarragon. Stewed Pears, Warm Madeleines, and Failed 18th Century Courtesan Thigh Custard.

Klary's pictures are roughly 640 times better than mine, but I'll show you mine anyway.

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