back in session.

Finally I return to the kitchen. I've decided that I am not a Victoriabaars fan...gah, no wonder I eat so much catfish...it's the only available troublefree fish I like eating. It may be time to re-check everyone's status to see if, say...the Atlantic halibut should start looking over their fishy little shoulders again.

This "confit" is supersimple, except that it requires a pretty watchful eye, more watchful than mine wants to be. It's very easy to boil your oil accidentally, which will give this a more toasted and then slightly sharp and bitter flavor if you let it go too far. So don't.

Uses? Pizza. Pasta. Pork. Bread. Do you need more?


garlic confit.

18 cloves garlic, peeled
1 bay leaf
olive oil to cover (1-2 cups)

Put garlic and bay leaf in smallest saucepan you've got, and barely cover with oil. Turn heat to medium until the very first tiny bubbles appear, then reduce to low, preventing a boil. You may have to use a heat diffuser: I had to put a skillet underneath my saucepan. Then just cook the garlic on as low a heat as possible for about an hour. Let cool, then put in refrigerator...it keeps for a month or two.


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