australia day 3: marsupial hunt/tourist drive #9.

Wherein our protagonists, crippled by hilarious facial sunburns, head to the interior to direct their scorch-ed eyeballs towards a multitude of wombats, swamp wallabies, and, if the stars align (if they do we'll be able to see them through the Antarctic ozone hole probably, it's 4:51am), a roo or two.


After enough days in a row of getting up at a stupid time, it stops mattering. So by this point our crepuscular marsupial hunt was just like a normal thing to do after coffee. In fact the only downside of being up at 5am was where to find coffee. We found ours in Jamberoo (darn good coffee), I also ordered a mushroom pie, you know, to give Nelson a taste of the local delicacies.

Only trouble was that the main ingredient was not the mushrooms, but rather the kidneys. For a 5am kidney pie it was pretty good. I felt big and strong for about 3 hours after that.

Then we saw an amazingly big rainbow. And shortly thereafter, a kangaroo. And shortly after that, a wombat. 


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