australia, day 7: hell?

This doesn’t look very hellish does it? 

Maybe at night?

This is our new neighborhood, Marrickville. Just now when we walked down the street pictured above and were fumbling for our housekeys, there came a sound from the tree in the front yard that sounded like Batman unfurling his cape, and then the flapping of giant wings, and a creature the size of a slender housecat with proportionate wings flew down the street. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “What in the holy mother of flying fuck was that.”
Nelson: “That was a giant bat. I told you those birds weren’t birds.”

It’s true, Nelson had told me that earlier. We’d glimpsed some roughly geese-shaped birds flying above the house just before dinner, I was preoccupied with something, probably sweating profusely or calling an Uber, and Nelson said “Oh shit, I think those are giant bats.” I said something supportive like “They are not giant bats,” probably without looking up from my phone. She said “I think they arrrre, look at their wings.” I sweatily glanced up and indeed, their wings looked a bit batty, and the dark grey color of their whole action was totally un-gooselike. 

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