australia, day 13: loose ends.

After the second Chatham show, we had one complete truly free day to chill and cross off things we’d yet to cross off. We would fly back late the next evening, but had to be at the airport by dinnertime or so to return the car and begin our descent into abysmal depression. I joke of course. Anyway: above and below, Marrickville Market, 2 minutes away from the bnb. The only fucking thing two minutes away from the bnb, fucking Marrickville etc etc etc.

I digress. Corn fritters and assorted dals and chutneys, a plate called The Vegan, from Fritter House, all tasty and reasonably priced (EDITOR'S NOTE: technically, according to their FB page, that plate contains "A perfect balance of complex carbohydrates and good fats, with a great taste. Fritter House salad, bbq sweet potato, chickpea curry, spinach dal, tomato kasundi, mango & mint vegan aioli, a tamarind and miso glaze and (finally) toasted coconut flakes.") We were a bit jealous of their cooking setup, three massive griddles and six people, making a food stand look easy.

Did we go pick up a rental car here? If so it was pretty painless. Then, some plane-watching. We'd been plane-watching all week, because I've never been anywhere where so many giant planes passed so freakishly closely overhead, constantly. During our breaks where I was rehearsing at the studio, while it was storming the planes were flying so low I swear you could see faces in windows. Screaming. Silently.

Nelson, as you may or may not know, loves plane-watching. So we took a casual trip back to the studio to see just how low they were, and that made us think well they've got to be even lower somewhere else, I mean they're landing, right, so that led us to the Ikea parking lot and then to Botany Bay, where it was so goddamn windy we wondered what an actual ocean would look like today (vs. a bay), so we kind of randomly picked the nearest beach and drove to Maroubra, which was gorgeously scary. Then we ate at Bloodwood, after a week of waiting for them to reopen. Expectations continue to be the proverbial bitch: we found it to be "just ok" compared to the things we'd really loved from the week. A pleasant dinner, but just a bit too "home-cooking" for the prices. Although there was a really good potato and radish dish I'd like to steal. Then we drove to Parramatta to see 1000 fruitbats. 

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