australia, day 14: avalon.

Ahhoouuwoooouuuahhoooooeoooooooowoooo. Hard not to have it in your head.

On our last day, after some sourdough toast, which will get its own post, yes it rhymes, we decided to go see Avalon Beach because it had been on the list and we assumed we’d be sad if we didn’t go. Our flight was at 10:00pm so we had a day to kill. 

Avalon was in the end two hours away, not counting our unexpected detour to a mall to get coffee and a pretty good almond croissant and a not-as-good-as-my-first one bacon and egg roll.

But totally worth the drive. Of the dangerous, unswimmable beaches we visited on this trip, this may have been the best. Surfers were surfing, no one else was in the water recreationally except those of us in the rock pool, where you could kind of smell and taste what the ocean was like without being killed by it. 

Then we had a very Japanese bibimbap and fucked off to the airport for 40 hours of travel.

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