australia day 2: blowhole.

I think we read somewhere that the Kiama Coast Walk was “not strenuous”. I find four hours of walking conceptually strenuous, and that’s if it’s completely flat. 

On Day 2, in an effort to combat heroic jetjag through the time-tested miracles of sun exposure and physical exertion, we did “the short part” of the Kiama Coast Walk, roughly 10km, and while, yes, completely worth doing and very beautiful as you can peep for yourself below, by the time our feet and asses had given up and we decided to take the train from Bonbo for the final all-steeply-uphill 1km, a train which never fucking came due to “mechanical failure”, which OK was probably just as well because we couldn’t buy tickets and undoubtedly would’ve incurred a massive, vacation-ruining fine (in the picture below of the train tracks next to the highway you can see Kiama on top of that impressive hill in the distance, we'd just managed to figure out that the train wasn't coming and were now beginning a slump-shouldered death march towards our ass-crushing homestretch)....

By that time, the fun and wonder had kind of worn off and only ass and foot discomfort remained. And solid tourist sunburns we didn’t know about yet. This happened because the weather for the walk was "absolutely perfect", to the point where you’d say 11 or 12 times out loud, “wow, man, this weather is 'absolutely perfect', regardless of what a dolt you sounded like for repeating yourself: cloudy and breezy and misty but just warm enough, I imagine it’s a sort of Perfect Storm for getting one of those urban legend Cloudy Day Dumburns. That’s an autocorrect but i’m leaving it in there.

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