australia, day 10: coogee to bondi walk.

Above, Coffee Alchemy, worth the mile walk because we finally figured out what kind of coffee Nelson should be ordering: a soy or oat latte with an extra shot. Below, the outset of our 1 hour bus ride to the eastern beaches; San Antonio Sourdough in Coogee and their version of the ubiquitous bacon and egg roll, my first, and one of the absolute best things I’ve eaten here. I’ve had some since this one and all they really did was help me to understand what makes this one succeed: serve it in brioche; add aioli with a little hit of good garlic; and throw in half a handful of wilted arugula. Chicken biscuit level good. Then we walked from Coogee to Bondi, 3 hours’ worth. Then had a bunch of pretty healthy vegetables at Drake. I had a couple of oysters. Then an epic bus ride back. Then Chatham. Then Corridor, Istanbul, and Mary’s, to where I would like to return.

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