australia day 5: manly, fairfax, “i saw a bandicoot”, uber, stanbuli.

OK so today was supposed to be a day of "relative nothing". It really did not turn out that way, at all, and though we experienced superb things, now we have really, finally, truly run out of juice. No Jewce. Zero Jewwwwwwce. There's no more. Everyone's feet are bwokded. So tomorrow: a real day of nothing. It's supposed to be 100 here in Sydney, and frankly we blew our "beating the heat" wad today by taking the ferry out to Manly (or Manky as I just typed), putzing around a bit, and then checking out both Fairfax Lookout and Quarantine Beach. And buying stupie hats to prevent further sunburn.

Anyway, a greatly successful temperature reduction and crowd avoidance strategy. But no need to do it or anything like it again tomorrow. So, some quiet time.

Of course this ended up not being true, we went to the beach. Australia’s Deadliest Beach.


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