nocturnal admission.

I'm sick. Shivering and moaning annoyingly on the couch, my only consolation is a bag of Cool American flavor Doritos (Americans would know this flavor as, yes, Cool Ranch).


Also, and unrelatedly: I had my first ever experience with "sleep eating". A couple days ago I bought 500ml (a pint) of milk, an unusual purchase for this household, we usually don't have anything but pretend milks and creamers. I bought it b/c we've had this butterscotch Jell-O pudding sitting around just begging for someone to make it and we just have to keep throwing up our hands and saying "sorry" b/c we have no actual cow milk. 

The next night at some fortunate snacking moment, a homemade brownie showed up, and yes, I pried open the milk carton to have a tiny glass of ice cold milk with my brownie cause, well I don't have to explain cause why. But I made sure that I left enough for the potential Jell-O. 

Cut to this morning, 6:15am, I'm feeding the cats. While making sure everyone plays nice at the food bowls, I construct half a brown rice cake with tahini and raspberry jam (don't knock it til you've tried it), and as my last bite is being thoughtfully considered by my tooth I think to myself "one more tiny glass of milk won't hurt. We'll still have enough for Jell-O". 

But ehhh...there's no milk. I look really hard for it, b/c I know it's there, and I've just finished eating something that would be perfect with a cold glass of milk. But the moment is rapidly passing and the milk is nowhere. Dejected, I mentally frown at my roommate for ruining a perfectly good milk moment and trudge back to bed.

But it's also weird, because it's totally unlike her to have a glass of milk at night. Still frowning on my way up the stairs, I have a couple quick flashes of oh yeah a great dream I just recently had about an awesome bowl of cereal, it was like the perfect bowl of cereal. Somehow pacified by this a bit, I get in bed and enter a hypothetical slumberland. 

I wake up at 11am, we both kind of do, and while making coffee Mara asks me, "have you seen the milk?" Now this is troubling.  Of course we have the expected discussion, "You mean the real milk?" "ehh....I was also looking for the milk this morning", "ehh that's weird", etc etc. By about the third time I say "Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I didn't use the milk", I'm not actually very sure at all that I didn't use the milk. We look in the garbage can: empty milk carton.  

Turns out my dream about cereal was not a dream at all. While asleep I made a bowl of cereal and ate it. And did not remember it the next day. All while completely sober. Should we be concerned? 

Also: this.


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