true, grits.

One gift leads to another. A certain giant man donated some uncooked pork belly leftover from a BBQ at his place. A certain tiny commanding presence had previously donated some real Carolina grits to our pantry.

Today the two met in a showdown of epic proportions (the pork belly and the grits).

This is Momofuku's Shrimp and Grits recipe. Yes that egg is big and weird-looking. But this was a total chompfest, another one of those underdog recipes from the book that doesn't seem like it can really be all that special, but in the end the mix of textures and flavors results in something potentially classic that just presses every single right button.

Quick notes to self: 4 to 1 liquid (1 part broth 3 parts water) to grits ratio (with these slow-cooking grits); grits needed 15-20 minutes after the first 5-minute starch thingie neurotic whisking frenzy; and they only needed half the amount of butter called for, though I can see how more would've been ok. Pork belly sugared, salted and slow cooked as if for steamed buns then dusted with smoked paprika: real bacon would've been quite different both in terms of salt and smoke. Just used vegetable bouillon instead of the ramen broth. The shrimp themselves were pure and great, involving a quick salt and oil marinade and some extra spatula pressure.


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