day 27.

Above: actually there are about ten funny pages and they're not all that funny, it's almost all lazy hipster irony. It was a hand-me-down.


Last night I dreamed a dream about Kirsten Dunst (who, just for the record, does nothing to float my boat if you know what I mean by "float" and "boat") and I invented a new device that's a combination PedEgg and wireless mouse, two things I've had on my hypothetical Wish List for a very long time (the PedEgg and the wireless mouse, just to be clear).

My dreams have been, as they say, vivid as fuck. Realllly complicated, and so far not unpleasant at all. It seems like every other night I'm immersed in some impossibly labyrinthine scavenger hunt-like environment. And the nights in-between I'm inventing plausible and convenient hygiene/computing aids. 

So: wildly creative while asleep. Irritability while awake receding a bit I think except just before lights out and just after opening eyes in the AM: I remain kind of bastardy then. Not really feeling emotions totally "normally" I notice, but perhaps this is the point of the whole thing: I am finding myself able to consider profoundly unpleasant sequences of events or emotional situations in a less-disabling way, a way that I can totally appreciate the potential benefits of. Yes, I am officially "more detached". It's hard to say what will happen when let's say I want to be "less detached", but so far Robot Boy is proving to be one of the more productive (side?) effects/personas: I'm tackling shitty things on my todo list that I've been avoiding for weeks and weeks. And I'm liking them.


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