trans europe express.

Ah, Europe. This morning at 10:23am whilst (I said it) having coffee, I suddenly hear the strains of Kraftwerk's "Abzug" in my apartment, coming from somewhere very nearby my seat at the table, but strangely muffled. It's disconcerting primarily b/c 1) I didn't press "play" on any of the myriad sound-making devices in the apartment 2) I don't even think we have Trans Europe Express anymore, in any format.

After a couple seconds of reorientation it becomes clear that, initial audio evidence to the contrary, the Kraftwerk is not "coming from inside the house", but from the apartment of my 60-year-old neighbor. It's the loudest sound I've ever heard from over there, he must have moved his speakers so that they're right up against the wall.

And? It's some of the best (or at least least-annoying) overheard neighbor music ever. Perfect music for the weather pictured above, plus it seems colder than it looks. Anyway, I've never been so happy to hear Kraftwerk, I didn't mind at all, and I still don't now that he's moved on to some bizarre Punjabi blues/hip-hop amalgam.


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