My "cellphone" is a Nokia clamshell thingie, I think you call them that. It is one feature better than the phone I had before that, which was from the 20th century and did nothing but send and receive phone calls and text messages. It had a (gasp) black and white screen.

When I say the "new" one (8 years old?) is "one feature better", I mean it's pretty much just the same phone, but! also! plus! it takes horrible, uninformative pictures. The above pic is by far the clearest picture it has ever ever taken but that's because I was one meter away from my subject. You'd never know that from the photo, it looks like she's three times that far away.

This is Micachu in Den Haag last month, where there were miraculously like 25 of us there. That's the only reason I'm even engaging in the stupid-looking practice of holding my phone up to someone who is doing something creative and important: the show was so unexpectedly underattended, it was unbelievable that I was the closest person in the room to the stage (for a number of reasons). Documentation was required.

Another cool feature of this phone is that the only way to get the pictures off it is via Bluetooth, which no new computers use at all. So I have to boot up \\tiny_a, basically three laptops ago, suck the pictures off the phone and then bathe in their wretched low-pixel vagueness that way. Science! Sci-sci-science!


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