day fives.

Above: my hallway, preparing for Productivity.


Day Five! One the one hand, I'm a little freaked out by the 3 hours of sleep per night thing. But it does seem to be getting a little longer every night, or a little better, or a little something good. Zombiness receding is what I'm saying. And since I'm quite strictly hibernating in the pod (I haven't spoken in person with a non-grocery-related human in four days I think), my general spaciness (or spiciness as originally typed) isn't going down on my permanent record I don't think, so it's OK.

I do realize that this whole situation is very very manic/depressive seeming, but a) that really was one of Jimi's better jams, and b) I totally think it's a temporary leveling out due to prolonged presence and then sudden absence of addictive substances in the old corpus (day five of no smoking as well, this time I'm strangely convinced it'll take). 

And I must say, the temporary mania is a huge boon to productivity. Based on historical data today is the day the wave crests, so let's ride this biatch into the gloriously foamy shore of Accomplishment. Which means, like Round One of Doomsday Rehab: less internet. For the next few days VDuck shall devote hisself to Goodness Creation instead of Goodness Consumption or Curation. 

All this capitalization is nothing to worry about: I just had my first cup of coffee in a week, and Jee-zus let me tell you it is a Revelation. 


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