kick against the pricks.

I think I was even thinking to myself the other day, last week, that there are very few more damaging human emotions in the long-term than disillusionment.

I decided that as a sort of positive resistance to this situation, as a sort of salve/bastion, I would make a jibarito. Mojo-marinated steak, guac, pickled onions, aioli, and some kind of cheese on two garlic-salted tostones. I'll just make small ones, hopefully they'll still help.

And also maybe we'll go to Belgium.


el jibarito.

2 green plantains
coconut oil
garlic salt

1 cup mojo
some skirt/hanger steak, pounded flat

pickled red onions (onions sliced thin and marinated in vinegar, sugar, salt for a few hours)
guac (1 avocado, 1 lime, one garlic clove, salt to taste)
cheddar or hirtenkase
lettuce in some form
diced tomato
garlic mayo
chopped cilantro
sliced scallions



John Jasper Onno CactusTruck said...

Fantastic, you need to make this again and invite me to eat it!

MEM said...

Johnny! Yes, when you gets back from the Eye-talia, you all up in this shit dawg! Or something.