I'd felt a bit strange Tuesday night in Bruges, a bit more confused than usual and my legs were just keeeeelling me. I woke up Wednesday feeling the same but worse. I tried to shake it off and hit the beach, but ended up spending a few hours in bed instead.

But you can't keep a good duck down: VDuck put on his man suit and made it to a mussels and frites and green peppercorn steak dinner at Kombuis. My powers were so diminished that we ended up giving half of our frites to the Belgian couple next to us (which they accepted happily and without hesitation) nor could we quite finish our massive bowl of pretty excellent bivalves.

The manliness continued a tiny bit: one game of Scrabble at De Zeegeuzen. Then VDuck wussily limped home and fell into bed for a night of sweaty tossing and turning. And silent whining.

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