touch of evel.

Johnny D and Mars starting off the day with prosecco and beer before moving on to glasses of Fuck Me Punch. Below: the bar. The mess hall. Cold Agria soup with summer leeks and flowers + Raja potatoes with fava beans, olives, mint, and celery. The line. A man receiving a Golden Potato Award. Inova potatoes in piccalilly with postelein + rosemary-fennel sausage from Brandt & Levie with potato salad.

The food was very well-prepared and seasoned, but I was kind of hoping for something more ambitious. And I would've shelled those damn fava beans. Other than that: boring but good. The potatoes themselves were really tasty.

The design elements of the festival were nicely done, witness the 4-course stempelkaart and aging potato gallery. Our table had a fantastic mouse door in the bottom of it. I eventually located the "beach" at Roest, which I'd somehow imagined differently.

Then we went to the BIM to see Mr. Ribot. And, thanks to the guidance of my wise wise roommate, that is where I detached myself from the party train, after which Johnny D showed me what he thought of that.

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