in bruges.

We had to go to Bruges while we were here. It was probably the first European city I ever wanted to visit, back a long time ago before we lived in Siena or Amsterdam. I kind of wish that yesterday I could have seen it as my 14-years-ago naive self would have seen it.

Today's me encountered a combination of features I'm pretty familiar with by now (cobblestones and canals, beautiful, but yis) slathered with a thick veneer of tourist-friendly cleanliness and accessibility.

In other words, as Ray would've said, Bruges was kind of a shithole. Well not really: it seemed to be a beautiful, calculated, useless capitalist museum of a city. And at first it seemed that there was NO ONE there outside of the horrendously tourist-dense center. We headed north and east in an attempt to see "the real city", and from the pics you can see that we're the only people having this idea. Fortunately this quest eventually led us to 't Poatersgat and L'Estaminet, which I'll write about more soon.

In sum: we eventually had fun! But it took some quick readjusting of plans and expectations.

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