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Because we need to get the fuck out of Dodge (and because we found some really cheap deals on train/hotel), we're very suddenly going to the Belgian coast, including Brugge/Bruges, and thus now is the time on Sprockets when we make lists.

This is not really enough time for good research, but I try. Our first stop and home base I guess is Oostende (Ostend), which in addition to being a probably typically crappy little beach town is where Marvin Gaye lived for two years and yes wrote Sexual Healing. Awwww yeah. Here's some handy tourist information for me

And, I KNOW this is geeky as all hell, but we watched In Bruges again last night and I feel compelled to look at a couple of these.


Stad Kortrijk, Langestraat 119. No-nonsense fish restaurant, like zero nonsense. 
De Zeegeuzen, Kapucijnerstraat 38. Perfect old sailor's bar open from 5pm. They gots a house specialty called Zeegeus, which is a bottle of St Louis Geuze beer mixed with a "secret" cocktail of spirits, of which one is believed to be Armagnac but could really be anything. An adventure.
Taverne Lautrec, Koninginnelaan 75. Looks interesting, it's near the hotel, and they're open from 10am every day. 
Kombuis, Van Isegemlaan 24. Mussels and frites, I know they're not in season, but everything else is supposed to be good too. Open slightly later than most things.
Koekoek, Langestraat 38-40. A chicken-themed tavern whose specialty is roasted chicken. That's all they serve. Plus Rodenbach on tap.
De Bistronome. Closed Tues and Wed. No a la carte, no bar, but supposedly great beer and food. Maybe lunch Thursday?
't Eilandje, Bonenstraat 5. Newer beer place with Rodenbach on tap. Closed Monday and Tuesday, we've learned from experience.
Charcuterie Mazure, Kapellestraat 4. Traiteur.
De Mangerie. Hmm. Multiple recs from internet, interior may be too frou-frou. But the food looks great. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Two locations, most of the reviews I read were from the promenade. Open for lunch and dinner every day, except for the Monday and Tuesday that they're closed. What I'm saying is that there's inconsistent data.
Histoires d'O. Sounds like kind of a good general place, I mean the name doesn't, it means "The Story Of O." But the reviews are nice.
Café Botteltje. The most-reviewed place to drink beer in Oostende, and the food is supposedly good, but the service is "cold, impersonal, and inefficient". Which, to someone from Amsterdam, generates a response of, "And?...." But seriously this seems like a pretty divisive place, and my new research suggests that there are friendlier options.
Le Grillon. Actually looks like the "best" of these restaurants, but the inside looks like the worst of my quiet, stuffy French experiences.

Oesterput. Have to see what the bus ride from Oostende to Blankenberge is like, but this could be a nice jaunt. Closed Tuesday and from 3 to 6.

Cambrinus. I've been avoiding listing this because it seems too obviously touristy, but since most of my other targets are closed on Wednesday, which is when it looks like we're going, this might have to be it. Plus? Brugge is touristy. Cambrinus is open every day from 11:30. There are some pics here.
De Halve MaanBrewery that makes Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik, with a terrace.
't Poatersgat, Vlamingstraat 82. Beautiful dark bar, from 5 daily.
't Brugse Beertje. A "don't-miss" according to the Beer Advocate website. Cheese and charcuterie but no "real food". Closed Wed, fuck.
L'Estaminet, Park 5. Local's place open all day during the week for possibly mediocre food.
't Zwart Huis. The site of "gay beer" ordering in In Bruges. Could be wanky though.
Comptoir Des Arts Kunstkroeg. Basement beer bar for before-dinner drink. Across the street from 't Poatersgat. Hours? Closed Tues.
The Chocolate Line. As seen....everywhere. On the darker (purer) and weirder side.
Dumon. Another lauded handmade chocolatier, but possibly snooty. On the creamier side. Find hours.
Den Huzaar. Closed Wed and Thurs. This was our go-to restaurant pick, but they were on summer vacation when we went.
Bistro De Schaar, Holstraat 2. Closed Wed and Thurs.



Wendy said...

Did you already go? I have info in my post about our weekend there here: http://luggagetag.blogspot.com/2012/07/brugge-in-15-beers.html

MEM said...

hey wendy, thanks! yes we did go, and i think we had a similar impression: overpriced sit-down food; surprisingly nice pastries; and unsurprisingly excellent beer. my post is here: http://vegetarianduck.blogspot.nl/2012/07/in-bruges_25.html