octopus flavored.

A rare visit to Toko Dun Yong today replenished some long-gone condiments (furikake, dochujang, kimchi) and of course the requisite impulse buy: takoyaki chips, featuring octopus flavor. Not exactly bad, something like prawn crisps, but yes it means something kind of special when one of the cats will eat a potato chip, which Macka did.



Klary said...

one does wonder why the octopus is wearing goggles. to protect itself from the horror that is octopus flavored chips?

MEM said...

one could also wonder why they bothered to make the chips "octopus-shaped", since the shape they chose is not even remotely octopus-like, at least not shaped like any octopus other than the goggle-wearing one on the bag. more research necessary.