Based on my current hangover level, I'd have to say it's a really good thing our two-hour party ran out of alcohol at around 4am (hour nine of the two-hour party). I think we could have kept going a while longer.

Food highlights: the buffalo chicken wings were the champ I think, I can think of no reason to not have some kind of wings at every party from now on, but people also got a bit giddy over the salpicón as well. The frittata experiment was not wholly successful: edible, but disorienting, in that they didn't taste like they looked.

Our ambitious baker provided more highlights via homemade peanut butter cups (somehow unpictured), orange-cardamom coconut macaroons (above, my personal favorite), a scone-like beast with currants? raisins?, and some Portugese pastel de nata, which I also bit the heck out of.

After the initial feeding frenzy, we went downstairs for a bit of Icelandic folk-jazz, and returned with a Dutch Icelandic folk-jazzist who hours later busted out some John Fahey via his recent birthday gift from his mom. Awwwwwwwwww!


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