best banh mi, me.

Just wanted to say hi, as well as blandly gloat about the fact that, according to the NYTimes magazine's blog, it looks like I've eaten one of the best banh mi in America. And...yeah. It was just OK.

The blogger who did that list is getting hisself a new one torn in the Comments for nearly ignoring California's humongous (or should I say, wait for it, "Hmongous", godDAMN am I stupid) Vietnamese community, so ees looking like "Jordan" (come on) is not knowing shit about "American" banh mi, or even really "NYC" banh mi. The whole thing is a pretty "crappy" piece of dashed-off hack writing if you ask "me".

As is this! I mean, I would know hack writing, wouldn't I? Am I right??? Flurry of real activity soon.


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Zora said...

That was total hack writing. I was astonished that something so shallow could still be written--I mean, it's not like banh mi are a particularly new trend anymore. I thought it would be some kind of cultural analysis when I clicked over, but no.

You, on the other hand: Hmongous! Awesome. Now I'll be saying it all day.