My worldview was irreversibly shifted this morning, by this.


Lots of hilarious laughing today. Having dinner with Andy, Terrie, Valentina, etc. This is Coq à la Bière.

Which turned out pretty great. Gave Andy his birthday present 6 months late, Momofuku cookbook, hopefully this means we get to eat some Andy Momofuku food soon. Dessert also wonderful: oranges macerated in Grand Marnier and cardamom (a la KK), plus madeleines, and a side of sugarless chocolate mousse from Valentina.

Then we went downstairs for even more hilarity, culminating in an opera whose primary performers included a man eating bag after bag of McDonalds with contact microphones taped to his cheeks; a Prince-like figure wrapping his plugged-in guitar in cellophane and then rhythmically humping it for 10 minutes or so; and a finale which involved lighting three seven-foot-tall hash bongs, filling the room with smoke and thoroughly destroying everyone present.

Everybody was seriously fucked, simultaneously. Which was great fun. And then for some reason people started buying everyone drinks and things fell apart completely. Jasper ran into the wall on his way out of the building. Good times!!!


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