forget me not.

Circuits still overloaded here schedule-wise, barely cooking, yet eating healthier, that about sums everything up. If only neighbors would stop delivering enormous slices of awesomely dense chocolate cake at 11pm, things would almost be going according to plan.

There have been some recipes that we've experimented with this week that didn't seem like our kind of thing, and yet: they almost were. This mushroom and daikon soup was very good, just made it tonight for lunch tomorrow. The kind of obviously healthy, satisfyingly brothy thing you sometimes crave but never really know quite what to do about it. Very minimalist: sherry, garlic, and soy sauce being the only real additions.

And Mara made this salmon salad thing for dinner, minus most of the ingredients, and it was good enough to make me completely believe that adding the rest of the ingredients would be pretty super.

But what I really want? Chorizo and chickpeas, with a poached egg on top and a big glass of red zinfandel from Dad's collection on the side. Followed by a huge slice of Valentina's 11pm chocolate cake.

Instead, let's focus on the healthier options from Mark Bittman's farewell post as The Minimalist.


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