tacos al pastor.

It's come to my attention that our time here is drawing to a close, and it seems like we've barely done anything. I guess part of it is that I'm usually here twice as long. The other part of it is that we've barely done anything.

Much of this has to do with bad sleep and babysitting and car sharing and working people's schedules, but tomorrow, Saturday, is a day where none of these obstacles shall impede us, and thus tomorrow is (among other things) Real Mexican Food Day.

Mara's never been to El Nopalito, so that is one possibility, but out on the Chowhound boards there's a place that has been getting great reviews called America's Taco Shop. I know, I know, I almost dismissed it immediately because of the name, but the woman who owns it is named America, so it's OK. Their menu is very small, only two taco options, so it will depend on our trajectory and hunger levels.

The other option is La Condesa Taco Shop. Bigger menu, not as big as El Nopalito, but interesting. More in a bit.


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