white balance.

These aren't good pictures, but they're the ones I've got. The last time it snowed on Christmas in Atlanta was 129 years ago. Jewy is a crazy six-year-old, so you can imagine that we get along great. Chris's towering 14 dollar homemade Honey Baked Ham (vs. the 60 dollar version), detectably different than the real thing but frankly no less good. Last night's leftover beef tenderloin with a kickin horseradish sauce and twice-baked sweet potatoes that were probably the best version of sweet sweet potatoes I've ever had (this photo is pre-baking), the secrets being no sugar besides the marshmallows and yes pumpkin pie spice.

The six-hour omelette bites with bacon jam were probably our best yet. Secret: slow, slow onion cooking and a mix of cheeses (gruyere, swiss, parmesan). Quote from Chris: "Whenever something that small tastes that good, you know a lot of time went into it." Not pictured: plenty. Lamb chops, green beans, salad, peach cobbler, tiramisu, brownies, cookies, etc. We barely got out of there alive.

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