Phew. Last night was good. The main events being (in addition to our Italian Wedding Soup [above]) a kind of scallop and shrimp rigatoni with buerre blanc, tomato, capers, parmesan, and basil, plus a stack of wilted arugula. Then: steak au poivre with mushroom reduction and polenta, all really perfectly done.

It never ceases to impress and interest me when someone I know cooks something difficult or time-consuming or easy to fuck up, and they do it awesomely...I don't think I could've made last night's ingredients look and taste as good as they did, especially the proteins. Maybe it's my lack of proper mise-en-place (below).

Afterwards there was Marie-Hélène's Apple Cake and sour cream ice cream for dessert, plus giant snifters of Grand Marnier.

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