make it stop.

My butt hurts. My legs need stretching. I have been awake for 19 hours on my way to a total of 24. Where am I?

Yes that's right, high above ze Earth, specifically 38,000 feet over ze Dallas at this moment, on my way to ze Phoenix. But! I am also on ze Internet, which is new for me. Wifi makes flying just a little bit better. Also tiny_a's four-hour battery helps a lot.

The worst part of this whole travel day is that I actually ate some of my "risotto" that was served with my "chicken" for lunch. I'm embarrassed, but I was just really very hungry. When I get to Phoenix I Will Eat Right, Goddamnit.


Klary Koopmans said...

so, are you reading MFK Fisher? I'm reading The Gastronomical Me right now. It's soothing and inspirational at the same time. Would love to hear what you think.
have a great trip!

Zora said...

Hey, how long are you in PHX? I don't suppose it's till the 26th? Will arrive then for book-promotion thingies.

MEM said...

KK: I'm not reading any Fisher at the moment...I did read the one you lent me, and enjoyed it a good bit, will give it back soon.

ZO: Yes, I'm here til the 26th...let me know where you guys are going to be. I really wish I knew a single interesting thing to do here, but I have zero non-family contacts and thus am about as non-local as you guys.

MEM said...

KK: after I posted my comment I realized I didn't come close to answering your question. Will try to do that soon.

Zora said...

Actually, my book coauthor is from Phoenix--part of the reason we're going there at all.

Gig details as far as I know them are here. I honestly have no freakin' idea whether it will be worth money to come schmooze with us. But I get into town around 6pm on the 26th and am free that eve. But can't be too late b/c we have to appear on "Sonoran Living Live" in the morning! Eek.