life give u lemon, u make lemon curd.

These are tiny lemon meringue pielettes, a word which I've never heard before but am sure already exists, and yet I'm so sick of the Internet being such a know-it-all that I'm not even going to check.

Mara wanted to bake last night, but it had to be something cheap and something that we could easily give away. But did it have to be so awesome ("awesome" is to be sung in a quivering non-professional falsetto a la Missy's "nigga" in Get UR Freak On)?

I have a hard time remembering that I love homemade lemon desserts. I would never in a million years order something lemony off a restaurant menu, but it's a whole 'nother story when Timmy puts on her oven mitts and starts a-whippin' them egg yolks or however that whole baking thing works (actually I'm pretty sure she doesn't have the mitts on while she's a-whippin').

I guess what I'm saying is...we need you all to live closer. Andy and Valentina had to eat like 15 of these things straight out of the oven. I had a couple too. And then again this morning.



Klary Koopmans said...

3 streets and a bridge is not close enough, eh?

MEM said...

Not to get them warm out of the oven...you've got to live in the building. Maybe even on our floor.

Angela Rhodes said...

The worst thing about being a celiac and reading all these yummy food blogs/posts is that I can never make any of the delicious things I read about - but these I am sure are gluten free? though, I have a feeling meringues aren't that easy to make?

MEM said...

hey angela,

i used to be celiac myself when i was little, and so i feel your pain to some degree (though that was a loooong time ago). i still remember the big blue celiac cookbook and my mom's valiant attempts to make bread with rice flour. you could almost take two bites of those sandwiches before the bread completely disintegrated into a pile of crumbs.

actually...i think i'm going to a post on this instead of finish this comment....stay tuned.