Mmm, not totally excited about it at the mo, but Thanksgiving is coming up, as you may be able to tell because 90% of the blogs in my sidebar are writing about it. I myself am now writing about it in fact.

We're going to our regular 20+ person Thanksgiving across town, and I've been trying to say something diplomatically appropriate about it here for the last few minutes and failing quite steadily. Let's try this: I will just say that you never know who's going to be there, which can be great; and you can never really be sure that what you're cooking will not be cooked by at least one other person, which isn't as great. So it's best to treat your culinary contributions as casually as possible, as in "This old thing? I just threw this together."

Mara and I are making the bourbon peach crumble from earlier and some vegetarian stuffing and gravy. Simple and inexpensive. And that's all I have to say. You'll never know how much was censored from this post.


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