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Humor courtesy of The Root.


Scattershot free rag NL20 continues its efforts to occasionally do something useful by selecting the Broodje Pom for this month's taste test. You can imagine my excitement. 

But....sadly, like most of the NL20 taste tests, this one can't really be considered truly indicative of anything. The judges aren't both using the same criteria, and they inexplicably seem to factor customer service into their ratings (um, what?), so that our historic favorite Tokoman takes a serious hit due to some perceived mistreatment of the tasters by the owner. 

Nonetheless, in the interest of benefit of the doubt giving and all that, here are the top three Broodje Poms as tested:

Warung Spang Makandra. Gerard Doustraat 39 (Pijp).
Tropische Markt Surima
. Dapperplein 9 (Oost).
De Hapjeshoek. Metrostation Waterlooplein (Centrum).

We've tasted the Hapjeshoek pom and didn't love it: as noted by the NL20 tasters, it was really soft and a bit too sweet, though their fresh pickled cukes they serve with it are perfect.


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