quoth the duck.

Preparing for my first solo* gig in forever this weekend, in Den Haag (The Hague to you and me). The hardest part about preparing for this is getting used to the fact that it's dark at 5pm now, and your mind thinks "Ah, evening! Time to stop working and relax with a fine hearty bock beer and a fine hearty slab of dinner, followed by a fine hearty after-dinner cordial of some sort and then some low-key yet fine and hearty entertainment until the bedtime hour arrives, etc."

* I just found out it's not solo, which is a relief, frankly, My AudioWeevil doesn't arrive until tomorrow, and I've been really uninspired while waiting for it.

Unfortunately, as good as that sounds, there are 4 or 5 good hours of productivity being frittered away in that scenario. And our apartment is lit in the style of say, the second half of Poe's Cask of Amontillado, so what I'm saying is that there are challenges.


My personal integrity compels me to mention that I did not take the above photo.


I don't think I've ever mentioned my great love for cold milk after midnight. If you catch me in front of the refrigerator after the witching hour, there's a roughly 70% chance that my activities there will be involving cold milk. Assuming we have some in the house, which does not happen all that often. Less than half the time, I'd say. So...70% of less than half the time, I'm involved with milk after midnight.

And now you know something new about me.



newgeekorder said...

first gig in the Hauge??
Where ? and perhaps when?


MEM said...


i just found out it's not a solo gig, actually, it's an improvised duet. which is more than twice as easy.

it's a at a cool-looking little no-budget place called andergrond, friday night...