As we approach our 40th birthday, it's understandable (or at least expected) that we might take a moment to reflect on the current state of affairs re Our Life and its various details. One area receiving some reflection time this morning was that of "current profession", unusually enough.

Occupational wanderlust, let's call it, is something that seems to happen to the Duck every 8 years or so. That sounds like we've been alive for centuries. 

OK, well, in his 16 years of post-college professional life it's happened twice, 8 years ago and now. The first time resulted in the ditching of an extremely well-paying job/career and a relocation across the globe in a gesture of uprooting not at all limited to the physical. 

Um...can we not do that again? While we can't imagine not having "done this", in that it was truly, profoundly enlightening and wholly integral to our evolution as Real People...yeah, it was pretty hilariously far away from what we were expecting. Oh, invulnerability, overconfidence, devil-may-careitude...where hast thou gone? 

Into the soul vaccuum of 2004, that's my guess. Ehhhh....what were we talking about? Occupational wanderlust. Yis. So since my current job could be described as being the opposite of "extremely well-paying", it seems that I've tested the outer possible bounds of this particular parameter and determined that a more moderate value may make some sense.

Once we accept that this probably means "working for someone", then there's the question of...."what to do"? For a while now nothing has materialized when I've rubbed the ol' crystal ball(s) and tried to see something I might like doing, other than the whole music thing, but I can see already how Money Changes Everything WRT that. But then, yesterday I had a bit of a revelation, or at least a verification that there is in fact a non-music subject that I find pretty fascinating in most ways

And in other ways spooky as shit.

Now, the only question is: is it too late to explore the Final Frontier? To go where no man has gone before? Maybe I can be a freelancer. Or at least a temp.

In lieu of the expected theme music, I give you Ab Baars + Misha Mengelberg playing Monk's "Reflections".


Images above stolen from NASA and one of the funnier womens around (although the rest of her new book is not really doing it for me). 


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