As The Hypothetical You will recall, a few weeks ago I went through a re-immersion into my old Mark Miller cookbooks and ate chipotles every day, etc. etc. etc.

(By the way: this "etc. etc. etc." thing you see here is pronounced "ect ect ect", in tribute to [the formerly very funny but now crippled by stardom-related pressures] Angry Alien's Amy's Diary animation. The November 2 entry should clear this up.)

One cookbook that I totally spaced on was ¡cocina!, by Leland Atkinson, which may have been the first southwestern cookbook I actually bought, having (now that I remember) stolen the Coyote Cafe cookbook from my poor parents.

The Atkinson book is attractive and educational, packed with instructional segments and non-autopsy-looking photography (unlike the Coyote Cafe book). There aren't really that many recipes, maybe 40 or 50, but I don't think we've ever cooked anything disappointing out of it. And it contains some of our very favorite recipes of all time, one or two of which we'll be revisiting in a couple weeks for some non-southwesterners.

The reason I mention all of this is to remind myself to pick up another copy of this book whilst Amazon has it listed for 0.52 cents (in US dollars, which I think is too insignificant to even be converted to Euros. I think probably just looking at or thinking about a Euro coin is worth 0.52 US dollars at this point).



Klary Koopmans said...

is this a good book to add to my collection, considering what we can buy in Amsterdam, ingredientwise? It looks tempting..

MEM said...

well....there are chiles in just about every recipe, some you have access to (ancho, pasilla, chipotle, habanero), and some you don't (poblano, serrano)...and tomatillos feature in 5 or 6 recipes as well.

If you're interested in this food, it's a great start, especially for 0.52 cents.