be little with me.

My BIMhuis debut was fine, thank you, and now I may return to the occasional musing over matters culinary. Unox vegetable soup contains meatballs made from horse. Just wanted to throw that in there. Maybe that was their thinking as well ("Hey, Jos, we still got some of them horse meatballs sitting around? Yip. Well what say we just chuck 'em right on into this here vegetable soup? Sure thing, boss. And throw in a cup of MSG while you're at it. And see them squirrels out back? Yes, boss...etc.").


A brief technology moment/rant/exorcism: Mara got a new laptop today, which is cause for minor celebration. Her old one was a hand-me-down that (out of spite no doubt) had long ago given up any aspirations about being "a good laptop", somehow managing to constantly overheat while not actually doing any useful work. This new one is our first non-Dell computer purchase EVER in our history of computer buying, because the Dell Inspiron laptops we bought in the years 2000-2005 were seriously awful (this excludes my current Dell laptop, which has been a joy to work with thus far, probably because it's not an Inspiron).

And so here, to cast out the toxic detritus from my aura, I'd like to send out a brief but wholly sincere "fuck you" to Dell for years of deliberately not acknowledging the heat-related engineering problems with the Inspirons so that they wouldn't have to do a recall and/or couldn't be sued. Nice one. "Good job." Anyway, the new member of the family is an Acer Aspire. Wish us luck.


Sometimes when Mara is working on something around the dinner hour, I like to pepper her with tiny sandwiches. That's what these are: the pointy ends of a baguette cut into petite crostini about an inch wide. Top: mushroom oil and manchego; above is goat cheese, chives, and half-dried tomato. Not shown are the two most successful ones: romesco, mint, and manchego; goat cheese and prune/onion confit.


And to close, a Scotland moment entitled Attack of the Future Meatballs:

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