help. please.

Something hideous is going on in my basement (?). It's an unlikely mix of two especially unpleasant sounds: on the street, it sounds like 50 eight-year old boys are being pulled apart limb from limb like roasted chickens by some remorseless and hungry satanic beast. I sympathize with his motives and support his efforts, I just wish he would finish the job: the screaming has been going on for about 3 hours now. And in the music venue, there's some kind of long-winded bluesrockmetal band playing almost-familiar tunes at a magical frequency that is oozing through our walls and floorboards and all over me.

I was being productive, practicing in Andy's room (he's out of town), but the band was louder than I was. So I gave up and came back to my room, but right now they're louder than the TV that is on to drown them out. And on TV it's Eten met Bianca, but even her potent cuteness wandering around the Rungis market (largest wholesale market in the world) isn't enough to soothe my aggravated sensibilities.

Ah, I just went to the website to find out what it is: a birthday party for parents of an elementary school in our neighborhood. The parents are the band, which explains why the kids are all outside in the street. They call their style of music "kleuterpop", which is a new term for me. It has something to do with teenybopper music, but what I'm hearing right now sounds like ZZ Top. Music for aged, bearded teenyboppers. Can anyone make any sense of this?


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