Lack of interesting posts around here b/c we've programmed ourselves into a jam-packed schedule and there's not a lot of room for true leisure, which seems to be the heading under which "blogging" falls.

Thus instead of blog posts we get shopping lists and vacuuming. Which I guess is good, it was time for that yearly Spring Cleaning thing where we try really really hard to get rid of some stuff. But we're so bad at getting rid of things. I have a hard time even throwing away leftovers.

But anyway. This week we have: a day of shopping and cleaning (today); a day of Italianish cooking for 10; an evening of attempted southwesternizing for some new neighbors; rehearsals with a new band (a minimalist electric guitar quintet, which sounds frightening, but the other members are all pretty cool players). Plus hopefully some serious progress on the Double Headphone Project.

Here's a test run of a timballo di melanzane I'll be making on Tuesday. We wanted to see if we could do an eggplant parmigiano in some form factor other than a big casserole that you scoop out lunchlady-style. Still not sure we got it right, but it tastes good: a ton of basil and very light coating-free frying sets it apart from traditional, heavy Italian-American eggplant parm.


UPDATE: Of course it's Poverty Emulation Day at the Dirk: no canned tomatoes on the shelves, and no flour. Did we catch them off guard by showing up to shop? I actually love this because it would never happen in America.



Abra said...

I need that eggplant recipe!

MEM said...

There's no recipe yet! The first time we made it with mozzarella and parmigiano but I kind of want to try it with fontina as a couple of recipes have suggested. I'll let you know what actually happens.

Ore said...

Great Blog!