There is an almost complete lack of cooking and/or thinking about food going on here. Unusual, but understandable: my Double Headphones Project incurred some sort of crippling software corruption disease and required a couple days of highly manual reconstructive surgery. Which sucked, but seems to have (fingers crossed) worked.

If you've ever experienced a corrupt Word or Excel document you have some idea of the angst that ensued. If you've ever worked for months on a constantly-changing document, say a thesis or dissertation, or software development project, something to which you've made literally thousands of edits, carefully backing it up as you went, and still had it suddenly fuck up fatally and mysteriously as your deadline swiftly approached, you've got an even better idea of the panic.

What sort of food is best served under these circumstances? You'd be surprised: broccoli, cauliflower, tempeh, and tofu have been the staples during Emergency Week.

What we're not eating? The Lady's Brunch Burger pictured above. Yes, those are glazed donuts.


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