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The Brown One has returned, and though she sleeps I bet her ears or some other part(s) of her is/are burning, because...well, it's a loooong boring story, but basically I was trying to continue to bludgeon my way through a very necessary "warehouse" inventory while she slept. And I found, among, literally, quagillions of old CD-Rs, a backup of this machine of ours that died very suddenly back in 2003. Or was stolen when our shop was broken into. Something happened to it.

But anyway, on this CD-R are lots of files. Some of them are just morbidly funny in retrospect: an HTML document entitled "Can You Afford Music Distribution?" (I hope I don't have to explain the pitch-black hilarity there). The first Dutch review of our record shop when it first opened ("Vooral de bakken tweedehands bieden een verrassend allegaartje. Van Beach Boys tot John Zorn en wat daar zoal tussen zit."). But of course the secondhand CDs were great: they were our years-in-the-making combined personal CD collections from America.

And lots of letters we wrote. To each other, to friends back home, to landlords, customers, universities, etc. All of which are being documented on another top-secret blog and have been being so (?) for some time now whenever I happen across them, BUT I SAY ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: one of the documents on this particular CD was a go-to recipe for a simple chocolate cake that the Mara used to make quite often. The recipe itself is quite fucked-up looking, but I put it here so that when I lose this CD-R it continues to live on.

(moments later)

Or: no. It has been redacted just now b/c apparently the results got worse and worse every time she made it which is why she doesn't make it any more. Some recipes are best lost to the sands of time after all, he said in an attempt at general consolation. She said she'd try and rewrite it soon, now that she knows something about baking in Yurp. It was a good cake.

Until such time, now, so I don't have to fking rewrite this gvd post, we'll talk about my surprisingly pleasant lunchtime invention today. Nori is something I don't often love or even especially like, but I'm trying to add more seaweed to my diet. I'm sure there's a Japanese name for something like this which I'd love to be enlightened about. Today's version used beef, but I'm pretty sure canned tuna would work too. Or a tamago-style egg. Maybe you (or "one") could figure out a way to do "mock unagi" with very thinly-sliced tempeh or tofu. I'm going to Gooooogle that now to confirm that my thoughts, impulses, etc are not unique. Voilà.


nori rollup.

1 sheet nori
100g roast beef
couple tbsp smashed avocado
1 good tbsp prepared horseradish and/or significantly less wasabi
1 or 2 tbsp pickled ginger
1 tsp toasted sesame seeds
1 pinch togarashi


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