chkdsk /f.

Ah, nothing like some good old-fashioned computer problems to suck away your time and will to live. Ok, so it's not that bad, but it's been a while since anything this scary has happened to my main sceen. Sceen? Sceem (in the eight years of writing this blog I certainly must've mentioned this but can't find it: that Sceem is one of the terms of endearment that Sceem and I use to refer to each other interchangeably. It's pronounced "sheem", from the Italian, scimmie, etc, gross, I know. It's probably said a minimum of 30 or 40 times a day at my house, so for variety it can also be made into shim, sheemytone, scimmietoon, toon/tone, toeter, boots, scrim, shambone, shrimp, shrimpage, sheemp, chimp, ape, actually endless variations as it morphs interchangeably into Moop, I'm sure you all do this same sort of thing at home. It can also be sung/scat-sung).

So yes, I'll be here defragging and chkdsking and virusscanning and whatever if you need me. And also thinking about rice paper and if you can make a soup out of it.

Have I really had this blog for eight years? How do I keep coming up with new post names?


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