roasted cardamom applesauce.

What is it about the pleasure of watching a medium-crappy movie on TV, with extended commercial breaks and subtitles you're mostly not reading, etc. Why is this often more attractive to me than selecting a DVD I actually own and enjoy watching. Ironic distance? No chance of being diappointed? No requirement for paying total attention?

Case in point: watching the textbook Hollywood beginning of the John Grisham "classic" The Firm, whose mind-bogglingly simpleminded 1980s-ness is lent a piquantly stupid counterpoint via an often mindlessly inappropriate Dave Grusin piano score. I have yet to tire of the overall badness.


So I'm still not eating sugar. Or I'm back to not eating sugar, but yesterday's wonderful dessert moment is haunting me a bit. It's a cold, dark, unpleasant day out. I'm just puttering around trying to recognize new messes I made and then got used to over the past three weeks so I can re-eliminate them.

Why not fill the house with a supportive, comfortable scent whose eventual physical manifestation will not fuck up my nutrition goals for the day I thought to myself. Thus we have this on its way.


roasted cardamom and cinnamon applesauce.

750g apples (I used 4 or 5), quartered
8 cardamom pods, split, black seeds inside removed and crushed in a mortar/pestle
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup water
3 stevia tablets, wasn't even noticeable as stevia
a handful of crushed, toasted almonds for texture

obviously a pat of browned butter or creme fraiche or ice cream or dulce de leche or all of the above would be ideal if you were someone else

The whole thing ends up being about 400 calories as written.


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