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This is not really a post, and eventually it will disappear, but for now it's the best way for us to work on our London entertainment schedule. These are only possibilities: we don't really have 12 pub quizzes planned. I like to have two or three options for each day so that we can kind of decide what to do based on how we feel. Crazy, I know.

Above: batter for our second failed European Red Velvet Cake.


fri 28 may: Get keys. Grocery shop in Crouch End. Go do something not-too-interesting, get to bed early. Beer/dinner options are Three Compasses, Villiers Terrace, Hope & Anchor, King's Head, Faltering Fullback, Old Dairy, The Village (Bulgarian!), or Harringay Arms. Or, Rolo Tomassi @ The Underworld for a laugh.

sat 29 may: Borough Market, then tube up to Old Street, left on Coronet St. right on Hoxton Square, and mooch around heading east to Brick Lane. Maybe dinner at Banner's when we poop out.

sun 30 may: Unclear. I think we're aiming pretty low, since we don't really understand the intricacies of the bank holiday weekend. Billiards at the Hope and Anchor? Pho somewhere (looks like Song Que or Viet Grill are best bets, too far away for today)?

Four Lions is probably too expensive (although if we don't see it here, I imagine we never will), as is Chris Watson's installation at Kew. Bill Fontana is free, but probably better done on a day when we're already in the city. I'd really kind of like to see this show at The Luminaire, but transport seems complicated and I worry a bit about the timetable, it being Sunday.

I don't think we're up for Part II of the festival at the Windmill. Unsigned bands at Barfly? If we end up making it to Camden, then The Lock, Belgo Bar, or Sir Richard Steele are good spots to rest the feet.

mon 31 may: The Brick Lane Curry Festival. Before or after, the Owl & Pussycat if it's open. Then probably a nap. Definitely Rough Trade quiz @ The Lexington in Islington later on.

tue 1 jun: Unclear. Probably a museum day. Tate Modern (Blackfriar); National Gallery (Cork & Bottle); Saatchi Gallery (Antelope).

In the evening: there's a quiz night @ Villiers, which we've liked thus far. Also one at The Stag's Head. OR Crocodiles at Madame Jojos looks great if we feel cool enough.

wed 2 jun
: British Museum during the afternoon. I just want to see the Rosetta Stone. If so the Princess Louise sounds like a must. Food options include Bi Bim Bap. Nighttime: Phosphorescent @ ICA. (Gordon's Wine Bar, Cork & Bottle, or Golden Lion for drinks, Soju for Korean if we haven't managed to eat dinner yet).

thu 3 jun: Very little. Grocery shopping. Sun. Probably a bite at Banners and a pub quiz at Hope & Anchor or Harringay Arms.

fri 4 jun: Cask Pub and Kitchen for a drink (fancyapint review), then Henry Moore exhibit at Tate Britain, 18:00. Afterwards, a quiet bite at The Constitution.

sat 5 jun: RoTa @ Notting Hill Arts Club (free). I continue to try to go to The Luminaire: THEE OH SEES. Maybe a trip to the Indian stalls in East Ham?

sun 6 jun: Brick Lane Market (here's what to eat)? Possibly Carpenter's Arms for beers. For lunch or dinner, hopefully Vietnamese food on Kingsland Rd, maybe Viet Grill (58 Kingsland Rd.). Green & Red is also an option.

mon 7 jun: Probably filling in any museum stuff not yet done. Dinner at Harwood Arms.

wed 9 jun: Pub quiz at King's Head.

thu 10 jun: homie home.


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