lazy, sunday.

Today's FoxCam photo: morning stretch in the other neighbor's backyard. I don't even think this is one of the two foxes from yesterday.

Before I forget, this has been a very helpful Chowhound thread for sorting out cheap Indian/Asian eats.

Tube outages today will restrict travel most likely, still researching.

This morning whilst waiting for the Flightless One to stir, I entertained myself by reading fancyapint.com's zero-out-of-four-star pub reviews. Typical excerpts:

"Anonymous dance music (loud enough to make conversation an effort) pounds away, leaving you to gaze listlessly at the teenagers circling the pool table. A novel and bizarre element of the pub's atmosphere on our visit was a simultaneous (silent) screening of Hollyoaks along with a documentary on lung surgery. This led us to wonder whether the Ship might actually be some kind of art installation. There are no real ales on tap."

"There's a club in Nottingham called Ocean. It smells of feet and sick. This smells worse."

"It's not all bad, even though we entered to hear the landlady tell one of the drinkers to fuck off in a rather jocular fashion, and despite our discovery of two different versions of Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell' CD on the jukebox. There is, it must be said, an almost remarkably manky beer garden out the back which may just be the location of choice in London to sit and listen to the crackle of overhead power lines."


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