Wow, a long and unexpectedly great day today. We went to the 11th Wijsjes Uit Het Oosten, not really knowing anything about it at all: the objective was to catch a Future Good Collaborator doing her thing onstage, and we knew there were going to be other bands, but that was it.

We should've suspected that something unusual was afoot when our request for tickets (€10, including food and drink) was answered with instructions to meet at a specific address at 1:3oPM.

The specific address in question turned out to be someone's apartment, as well as the site of the first performance, which was totally sweet and appealing.

Then, after some refreshments and snacks, they lead everyone out into the sunny afternoon and you follow the crowd in the direction of some next undisclosed location.

Which turns out to be someone's living space/atelier, and in the backyard there is jenever, rosé, music, pickles, Kat Ex, and "dead fish" sandwiches.

After the music and chow and hanging out, you go out into the street again and meander as a crowd through tranquil greenery to the next secret location. It's a good thing you didn't have anything else planned today, because it's 5:30 or so, you've been at this for four hours (thankfully you're not drinking...it'll be two weeks tomorrow).

The next location turns out to be the street itself: a poet raving eloquently and entertainingly from a balcony (if you squint into the upper left of this photo you can see him).

Wandering further down that same street, a darn good American banjo player wearing a Bugs Bunny hat busts out 3 old-timey songs from another balcony.

A few doors down, a mini-choir on a balcony lets you know you're at the next spot, so you go inside and up lots of stairs, and it turns out you're in another living room, this one featuring an 11-piece choir.

After some more refreshments, you end up at the venue itself, where you get to see your Future Good Collaborator do her thing, following which you indulge in more food, drink, and socializing.

And then you ride home, tired, and thinking hey that was really €10 well spent, and being kind of sorry you missed the first ten iterations of this event. A very pleasant surprise.


Klary Koopmans said...

wow, let me know when the next one is scheduled!! of course you did have the perfect weather for it...

Delicatessen said...

go to:


cheers, John & Bas

MEM said...

Nice photos (the second one is the back of my chubby head)...thanks for a lovely afternoon, gents...hopefully we'll see you at the next one.