bank holiday weekend.

Hmm, yeah. A bit of a crimp in the old pantleg of our plans, the bank holiday weekend. No matter! We soldiered on valiantly and managed to have a pretty good day nonetheless.

We awoke at 06:30 to find two foxes either playing or having sex or both on the roof of the neighbors' toolshed. Here is one of them:

Fuelled by a few cups of niiiiice coffee, we managed to get out of the house before 09:00, and upon boarding the tube we saw some nice folks heading to the Euro cosplay championships.

Then we went to Borough Market and, after assessing the possibilities and our immediate needs, we decided to investigate a wild boar sausage with cranberry sauce from Baxter's.

And then we took the tube up to Old Street and trudged around Hackney and Shoreditch for a drizzly hour or two with increasing hopelessness, finding almost every potential destination closed (see Bank Holiday Weekend). We did like these DIY No Parking signs:

Eventually, instead of continuing to trudge in the rain, we decided to cut our losses and head homeward, where we popped into a local Crouch End pub, the King's Head. Ingested: London Pride, Cox's cider, Innis & Gunn's oak-aged Scottish beer, a surprisingly and perfectly delicious crispy hoisin duck salad, and an accidentally decadent order of potato wedges (unexpectedly and lavishly adorned with cheddar, bacon, and sour cream). No dinner tonight.


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