my rebuttal is a space shuttle ready for take off.

I have been skating on the proverbial thin ice for most of this summer, healthwise. Everything's OK, but yeah, there is a fine line being walked. Or skated, whatever... metaphor, shmetaphor. As the last couple of Augusts have been yawning black chasms of anti-health, our current status can still be considered "significant progress", but I'm going to have to go ahead and predict that my only hope for ending this summer with an overall smiley face on my report card is to have the Healthiest August Ever.

But: the Starship Healthy August needs fuel. And it ain't no m*therf**$kin' dilithium crystals neither. Naw. See, this here Spaceship of Sparkling Inner Cleanliness runs on....pork!

Dass right. In order to have a Healthy August, we gots to have us one last Poke Fish Celebrayshun. Or: chicken in the shape of a poke fish. Celebration.

Don't worry, I'm not talking about anything gluttonous. Just a little sausage tasting. A couple bites. Two. Three, tops.

The surprising thing was that this bloedworst was just about as good as what I had at Kwakoe. Maybe they all come from Milan. Cooking instructions are simple: heat a pot of water with a couple of cloves, 10 or so allspice berries, and a couple of bay leaves. Add the sausage and simmer on low for an hour or so. Don't let it boil. Then you're done.

The fa tjeong is for tomorrow night, some kind of stir-fry/sauté with green beans. Also with some kind of ancho shrimp quesadilla based on this idea.


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